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    MNEA Student Program 
    Phone (573) 644-9612

    DeeAnn Aull
    Executive Director

    Sharon Fortner
    Administrative Assistant

    Kaitlyn Preis
    MNEA-Student Chair

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    Top ten reasons to join the MNEA-Student Program

    10)  Legal Protection you can count on. $4 million in damages and additional payment for legal fees for most civil and some criminal lawsuits arising out of job-related incidents and a free one-hour consultation with an attorney for personal legal matters. 

    9) Email listservs and Facebook fan page allow you to communicate with your peers, get answers from experienced teachers and receive Works4Me, a weekly email with practical classroom tips.

    8) Great opportunity to become a leader in your local, state & national associations.

    Learn from the best at the MNEA Student Academy. 

    6) Publications to assist you as you begin your career in education — Start Smart, a beginning teacher handbook; Salary Benchmarks & Rankings, a comparison of school district salaries in Missouri; Something Better, MNEA's award-winning magazine; Show Me Education, published by students for students; NEA Today and Tomorrow’s Teachers.

    5) Big savings to more than 300,000 locations throughout the nation, state and community.

    4) $20 rebate for every year you were an MNEA-Student member when you join MNEA after graduation.

    3) Learn and grow with peers from across the state.

    2) A voice at the Capitol representing children and public schools.

    1) Jump start your teaching career.

    To join the MNEA Student Program, contact your campus MNEA chapter or join online.

    Support Our Students

    Missouri NEA is offering the chance for MNEA members to sponsor a future teacher and potential union member to help aspiring educators begin their careers with the benefits of MNEA membership. If you are interested in SOS program, contact MNEA at (573) 644-9612.

    Financial and career resources

    Useful information 

    • EEOC's Youth@Work website - The program is designed for youth by youth to teach you about your real world rights and responsibilities as an employee.


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